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Schuylkill River
(Manny Flicks/Stotesbury)

Take the Atlantic City Expressway to the Walt Whitman Bridge. Follow the Schuylkill Expressway past Boat House Row, past the race area, past Roosevelt Avenue, all the way to the Kelly Drive Exit.(exit 340A) (340B is first, so watch the signs carefully) At the bottom of the exit is a Stop Sign,  turn right. Then get into the left hand lane.Take a left to Ridge Avenue East/Kelly Drive. Stay in the left lane and immediately bear left, following signs to Kelly Drive South/East River Drive.  This puts you on Kelly Drive South/East River Drive that will take you directly to the race area. As you reach the race area, the police will have roadblocks up. You will be directed left and up the hill to the parking area. There is a fee of $20 for parking. Find a path and make your way down to the river or wait for a shuttle to take you.

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