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Want to join our crew family?


Click on the "COACHES" tab above and send your information to find out how! 

What's in it for you?

Mainland Crew offers a unique opportunity to learn to row in a competitive and fun environment.  You will be part of one of the largest and most successful rowing programs in New Jersey as you build teamwork, dedication, the drive to succeed and friendships for life.  In addition, rowing is known for being a full body workout.  Crew athletes row, erg, run, build core strength and lift weights as part of their daily training routine.    

Weekday Practice

Depending upon weather, in the Spring or Fall, our rowers typically practice on the water at John Holland Boathouse in Ventnor.  During winter crew as well as on foul weather days, off-water practice will take place at the High School, at a local gym or at the boathouse.   Practice on the water can leave rowers wet and cold.  It is recommended to layer clothing and avoid loose fitting pants and/or shorts that can get caught in the slide.  Recommended clothing can include: long spandex pants, long-sleeve compression shirts, warm layers, water/wind resistant jacket, hat/headband to cover ears, socks, sunscreen and sunglasses.   Many of our rowers bring something dry to change into when practice is over. 

Race Days

The majority of our races will be held in Mays Landing on Lake Lenape, Camden on the Cooper River, Philadelphia on the Schuylkill, or Princeton on Mercer Lake.

Weather will dictate what is worn on race days however, all rowers in a boat will be dressed alike.  First year rowers will have to buy a shirt and compression shorts for the season.  Varsity and JV rowers will need a uni suit.  It will be hot, cold, dry, wet, muddy, sticky, windy, snowy and beautiful.  Watch the forecast and dress accordingly.  Athletes should pack a variety of items for the day and layer their clothing accordingly. 

Food is available for the athletes and their family during the day at the Mainland Food Tent which is provided and manned by our parent volunteers.  Food items usually consists of chicken, pork, pasta, salads, eggs, cereal, fruit, granola bars and various other healthy food choices.  Following their race, rowers will prep their boat for travel and then make their way to the food tent to replenish and cheer on our other boats.

The school provides transportation to the races.  Depending upon the venue and race schedule, buses are typically staggered with the first bus departing anywhere from 5-7 AM and the last one returning between 8-9 PM.  Each bus has at least one volunteer parent or coach chaperone.  Trailers with our boats and tents also travel to the race destination while parents and families travel separately.  Some come just to see their child's race but most parents/families stay for the day and enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie of the team. 


For safety reasons, parents/families are not permitted in the area where the boat trailers are parked.  These areas are very congested with rowers moving their boats to and from the launching area.  It is where coaches prepare the rowers before the race and regroup with the boat after the race.  Please support the coaches' efforts by waiting to congratulate you rower after the race when they have arrive at the food tent.

Only team members and the assigned chaperones are permitted to ride in the buses provided by the school.   All competing athletes MUST ride the bus to and from the competition.  Exceptions to this rule can only be made by the Mainland High School's Athletic Director (Mike Gatley) and must be submitted in writing to both Mr. Gatley and Coach Falk or Fox 4 days prior to the competition.  There will be no exceptions on race days without prior approval of the Athletic Director.

Can rowing help me with college?

Rowing is a long established collegiate sport known for developing mental and physical toughness.  Mainland rowers have gone onto some great schools in the country and their ability to row and MRHS program have helped get them there.  Many schools offer significant scholarship opportunities for both boys and girls who excel in our sport.  Recently, MRHS Crew has sent graduates into collegiate rowing programs such as Drexel, Lehigh, Penn, University of Washington, and Temple.  We even have a Mainland graduate that became an Olympian!

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